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General Information

MDTP provides testing materials, scoring results, and written response materials to teachers in California schools. The project funding supports its services to California precollegiate schools, to the University of California, and to The California State University and enables MDTP to provide materials and services without charge to precollegiate teachers and schools and to California's two public university systems. Materials are provided to precollegiate teachers, schools, and districts with the understanding that student responses will be scored by MDTP and the student's current teacher will be sent MDTP Diagnostic Test Results reports without charge to help teacher prepare their students for success in mathematics courses. Teachers and schools can also choose to use Daskala's on-line testing platform to administer the tests to their students and access those results in online which allows for more robust report features. Please go to MDTP's Daskala pages for more information.

The University of California (UC) and The California State University (CSU) support MDTP's Workgroup and its test development activities as well as services to CSU and UC campuses. The California Academic Partnership Program provides funding that supports the projects service to precollegiate schools and precollegiate outreach by universities and colleges in California.

MDTP has 10 regional offices (sites) in California that are available to provide service and materials to California teachers. The project works directly with teachers, it does not work with tutoring services, parents, or other individuals.

MDTP ships test booklets and related materials only to accredited schools, districts, county offices of education, or other accredited agency addresses. MDTP does not ship to residential addresses. Teachers, schools, and districts should keep the test booklets clean and secure, since they may be reused for several years. Though MDTP tests are low stakes when compared to many other assessments, the diagnostic value of MDTP tests is enhanced when the test booklets are kept secure. Test booklets and answer keys should not be provided to parents or tutors or removed from the school premises. However, teachers may elect to review some test items with students and/or parents or tutors when discussing students’ preparedness for a mathematics course or when discussing topics requiring review.

Test Features and Written Response Items

Each test contains material that is essential for continued success in subsequent mathematics courses. The tests help identify particular topics in which students need better understanding and skill; however, the tests are not comprehensive mastery tests. Appropriate use of the tests and their results will enable more students to succeed in more mathematics. MDTP tests are used to help advise entering students at many college campuses in California.

MDTP tests are multiple-choice tests. Most MDTP tests may be given in one class period. Each option or distractor is chosen with care. A review of the wrong responses can often indicate to teachers where their students are making errors in their solutions.

In addition to these tests, MDTP has developed several written response items available for teachers to copy and use in their classroom. Teachers may request a CD containing these items. In addition to the items, the CD includes an essence statement and specific scoring rubric for each item and other useful material.

When developing test items and specifications, MDTP takes into account the California state standards and framework, national standards, and current discussions in mathematics education.

MDTP Precollegiate Testing Materials

List of Available Tests MDTP test levels and descriptions

Answer Sheets and Cover Sheets
Scantron Forms

Information about Written Response Materials

Ordering Materials and Scoring

Teachers, schools, and districts serving California precollegiate students may order tests and answer sheets at any time. Although it is not required, MDTP urges you to place your order online or print out the pdf form and mail, call, or fax in your order for spring testing no later than March 15th. This is to ensure that each regional site has adequate supplies of printed test booklets and Scantron forms on hand when you need them.

MDTP answer sheets may be returned to any regional sites at any time of the year.. Scoring is usually completed within two working days but may take longer during peak scoring times.  The results are returned to the teacher whose name

California community colleges, universities, and educational agencies outside of California should use the appropriate links in the navigation bar on the left when ordering information. Scoring services are only provided for California precollegiate educational agencies.

Computer Delivered Tests and Reporting for K-12 Teachers

Teachers, schools, and districts can now administer some MDTP tests online and immediately view student, class, and school results. This online MDTP testing and reporting is available through the Daskala software platform. The test delivery and reporting system is easy to use. The online reporting screens include all of information in MDTP's printed reports and provides access to more details.

Users can re-sort the data and to drill down to access information not available in MDTP's printed reports. These electronic reports facilitate individual and collaborative analysis of diagnostic test results to identify students' strengths and weaknesses. Go to our Daskala page or contact any site director for more information about this new way of accessing MDTP tests and test results.

Diagnostic Test Results

Note: The data included in the samples listed below use fictitious names, schools, and answer keys.  The answer key is composed of randomly selected responses and is not the key for any MDTP test.

  • About Test Results
    This PDF document explains each of the reports included in the test results that are returned to teachers after MDTP scores their student's answer sheets.
  • Sample Test Results Report
    This PDF document includes a sample of each report that is included in the test results.
  • Sample Student Letters
    This PDF document is a sample of the letter that should be given to each student. It indicates what topic areas the student did well in, topic areas that the student needs to review, and topic areas that the student needs substantial review in.
  • Class Analysis Worksheet
    This PDF document is a worksheet (3 pages) that you might find very useful in analyzing your class test results.

Precollegiate Newsletters

Precollegiate FAQs

FAQs provides some answers to commonly asked questions.

Other Services

In addition to providing materials and scoring services, MDTP provides other services. MDTP site personnel are always available to help teachers, departments, and districts analyze and interpret test results. MDTP publishes newsletters, holds regional conferences to discuss curricular issues, and serves as a clearinghouse helping to provide information about materials and programs designed to strengthen mathematics education in California.

MDTP sites hold regional conferences to discuss current issues in mathematics education in California. The conferences often provide an opportunity for dialogue between middle schools and high schools as well as between precollegiate faculty and university faculty.

MDTP holds Teacher Leadership Institutes, Focus Group Meetings, and other professional development activities to assist teachers in making better uses of MDTP materials. Teachers are invited to attend workshops where they will learn about MDTP and its materials so that they may help others learn about the uses of the test results reports and written response items. Contact your regional site for more information. Your regional MDTP site office can also arrange a presenter for an in-service workshop at your school or an event for mathematics teachers.