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MDTP has finished developing its first three readiness tests aligned to the new California Common Core Standards for Mathematics. With the creation of the Grade 8 Mathematics course and the change in expectations for what is taught in Grade 7 Mathematics and Algebra I, the MDTP Workgroup began assembling a Grade 7 Math Readiness Test, Grade 8 Math Readiness Test, and Algebra Readiness Test. The Algebra Readiness Test became the High School Math Readiness Test in 2014 after it was determined that the same prerequisite knowledge is tested to measure readiness for both traditional Algebra I and integrated Math I. The new tests for 7th Grade Readiness (7R40A15), 8th Grade Readiness (8R40A15), and High School Readiness (HS45A15) will be available at regional MDTP sites in early August.

In 2014, the Workgroup also began work on two new tests for schools implementing the integrated pathway. These tests will measure readiness for high school Math II and Math III courses, and field testing will continue in 2015-16. Please contact your regional MDTP site director to field test the new Integrated Second Year Readiness Test (IS45D15) and Integrated Third Year Readiness Test (IT45D15).

Updates to MDTP personnel:

New Statewide MDTP Director!
After seven years as MDTP Director and many more years as the San Diego Site Director, Bruce Arnold has retired and is being replaced by Dr. Kimberly Samaniego. Please join us in thanking Bruce for everything he has done for MDTP and in welcoming Kim to the team.


Each year, MDTP sites hold regional conferences to discuss current issues in mathematics education in California and effective uses of MDTP materials. The conferences provide an opportunity for conversations among elementary, middle, and high school mathematics teachers and administrators as well as college and university mathematics faculty.

MDTP also presents and hosts booths at some regional California Mathematics Council conferences, including those for California Community Colleges. Please consider attending some of these events!

Fall 2015 and Spring 2016: UCLA Workshop Series
Writing? But This is Math Class! Using Writing to Support the CCSS Math Practices and Improve Student Learning

Each workshop consists of five Saturday morning sessions at UCLA.  In these sessions we work together to explore resources, plan prompts, analyze student work and plan follow-up that moves student learning forward. Both fall 2015 workshops (Level 1 and Level 2) are full, but you can add yourself to the spring 2016 mailing list by clicking here. Spring dates are TBD.

December 11-13, 2015: CMC North Conference
Getting at the Core of the Mathematical Practices
Enjoy more Common Core discussion and other valuable presentations by mathematics educators from California and the United States.
MDTP will also host a booth at this conference, so stop by and learn about our new Common Core aligned tests!
Location: Asilomar State Conference Center & Pacific Grove Middle School, Pacific Grove, Monterey Peninsula, CA
For more info visit

Contact your regional site office with suggestions for a conference topic or speaker for MDTP Users Conferences.
Most regional site directors can visit schools and districts to work with a group of teachers or schools to help them use MDTP materials effectively.